Long before she knew the Cursed Captain, Sharpijc lived with her ma and pa without the slightest clue of destruction and mayhem that took place in the world around her.  She detested pirates for the mention of their name brought execution within her town and punishment for all involved. One sad night, a pirate by the name of Captain Clever raided her little town and killed everyone in sight, taking all the plunder he could find. He took Sharpijc’s family and forced them on board the Buccaneer’s Pillager. With no hope in sight, Sharpijc’s ma and pa threw her into the ocean as a final effort to save her.  For the possibility of her survival was infinitely better than the torture Captain Clever had in store for them.

Though he noticed the act and took chase, she swam underwater causing him to lose sight of her. As Sharpijc got further away, sharks appeared and surrounded her.  She never saw a shark before, but they were vicious beasts that seemed to rise from the ocean depths. It was then that she saw it – the beast of beasts – the fabled megalodon!  It launched Sharpijc out of the water, but with just enough luck, she landed on land with a few broken bones and nothing that a whole banana couldn’t heal. She stayed on this island, known as Smuggler’s Bay, for she found the people there to be kind and forgiving of her little self.  They taught her how to become a thief in the night and how to smuggle in the day. She want on many adventures with them and found a beautiful substance that they called “water.” It was actually a pirates best drink, grog. As she continued to stay with these people, stayed, a burning desire to find her parents continued to grow.  For she was determined to kill Captain Clever and be reunited with her family. So, Sharpijc continued to say several seasons until I was old enough to travel on my own.

She knew it was time to leave when her friend, Pip, took her to meet a pirate called Captain Red. He agreed to take Pip and her with him if they earned their keep by working on his ship.  Captain Red was an older captain that refined Sharpijc to be a pirate thief, and after many adventures, they finally found the flag that had always haunted her at night – Captain Clever was in sight!  They attempted every means to sinking his ship – cannons, ramming, gunpowder, etc. However, nothing seemed to work. Captain Red’s ship was the only one taking damage and before they knew it, the ship began to sink fast.  Sharpijc thought they were all done for until she heard a slight rumble. She recognized that sound…the megalodon had come. It was their last hope to turn the tide of this battle. Sharpijc quickly ran to Pip, and they grabbed the only thing that knew would attract the beast – gemstones.  They threw them over to the deck of Clever’s ship, and as Sharpijc began to throw, she maid eye contact with Captain Clever only to realize that it wasn’t him at all. It was her pa’s face! As the gemstones landed on the deck, the megalodon immediately tore the ship into pieces, causing Red’s crew to scream out in victory.  Unfortunately, there was no victory for Sharpijc. He revenge was short-lived. Standing there in shock of seeing her father, she snapped out of it after hearing a gunshot. She turned around to see he friend Pip, falling to the deck – she had been shot. Sharpijc quickly looked out into the ocean and noticed a crew member that dived into the night with a faint glow of gold on his neck and a dark complexion.

Many years passed and grog was the only answer Sharpijc had for all the questions that haunted her mind.  She felt that there was no purpose for her but to drink her sorrows away…until one day, while in the tavern, she met a captain known as the Cursed Captain.  No one really knew his first name but everyone seemed to like him. He was a different kind of pirate that everyone could tell tales about – ruthless on the seas, showing no quarter, yet fair to all.  He saw Sharpijc and knew her talents were being wasted on a day full of grog. He wanted her to join his crew and help him lift the curse he carried. Sharpijc knew she was meant for more, and even though her parents betrayed her by becoming the enemy, she wanted more for her life.   By accepting his offer, the Cursed Captain gave her a purpose, and she has sailed with him ever since.