Twitch Stream Rules

  1. Respect EVERYONE: We have zero tolerance for hate speech or harassment of any kind. This includes speaking poorly about other streamers
  2. Do not argue with, or disrespect the mods: This is a fast track to a permanent ban.
  3. No stream sniping or stalking: Please respect the Captain and his privacy.
  4. Keep the chat family friendly: No cursing, using obscene language, or talking about politics or religion. If we delete your comment or ask you to watch your language, it is because we have not found it to be suitable for the stream. 
  5. No obscene or derogatory usernames: You will be asked to change your name or leave. 
  6. No spamming: Includes reposting the same msg multiple times to get Hitbo’s attention. Whisper a mod for any urgent matters.
  7. No advertising of any kind: This includes self-promotion and selling goods or services.
  8. Links will be blocked: Subscribers are able to post clip links only. Whisper a mod if you have something you want to share. It will be at their discretion to post it.
  9. English only please. 
  10. Be nice and have fun: Let’s be a positive influence in the lives of others.