Long before Lowbo was the first mate of Captain Hitbotc, he was the first mate of another – Captain Goldtooth.  Lowbo trusted Goldtooth with his life but he would soon find out his trust was misplaced.

One night as they were sailing, they came across a ship that was being sailed by skeletons. Lowbo and Goldtooth boarded the ship and fought with everything they had.  As they fought to the lower decks of the ship they saw what the skeletons were defending and could not believe their eyes…hundreds of golden captain chests. Upon defeating the skeletons, they loaded up their ship and set sail to the nearest outpost.

Lowbo noticed Goldtooth was acting a little weird, but thought it was just his excitment about getting so much treasure.  As they approached the outpost, Goldtooth suggested they put all the treasure on shore first so they could count it all. They had done this many times before so Lowbo didn’t think much about it.  They reached the dock and Lowbo tied off the boat. As he turned back around, Lowbo felt a pain in his side. Looking down, he saw blood flowing from the wound and thought that someone had snuck up on them.  Before blacking out, Lowbo saw a familiar face smiling at him as he was pushed overboard. Goldtooth had betrayed him.

It was there that Captain Hitbotc found him hanging on to life by a thread.  While attending to Lowbo’s wound, the Captain introduced himself – informing him that he was in a safe place.  At first, Lowbo didn’t know what to make of this pirate. He heard of Captain Hitbotc as being ruthless on the seas, showing no quarter, yet fair to all.

After Lowbo had regained his strength, Captain Hitbotc offered him an opportunity to join his crew and help him on his adventures.  Feeling grateful for the Captain’s care, Lowbo agreed to joining the crew. A brotherly bond was formed and they sailed the seas together.  Over the years, Lowbo’s trust in the Captain grew into an unwavering allegiance to the pirate who saved his life. Recognizing this, Captain Hitbotc asked him to be his first mate.  Lowbo accepted under one condition – if they ever came across Goldtooth, Lowbo would be the one to send him to the Ferryman.