There is a tale that has become a legend. As all good tales go, this one starts with a Pirate Legend known as Beardageddon. This scurvy pirate was hunting a galleon crew who had stumbled upon one of the most infamous keys in the Sea of Thieves…a Fort of the Damned key. Sadly, Beardageddon has to find the nearest outpost and attend to his family. Apparently his young son had already been busy taking after his father and had stolen an Chest of Legends, but that is a tale for another day.

Upon arriving at the outpost Beardageddon ran into some of his closest thieving friends. The famous pirate GullibleGambit and shared the tale of the galleon who had found the Fort of the Damned key. Upon hearing this information GullibleGambit gave one of his famous wicked smiles and said he would take up the mantle to hunt this galleon down. In honor of his friendship with Beardageddon. He would find this key and deliver it to him as a gift. 

With that GullibleGambit went to the tavern looking for one of his mates he knew he would find there. Drunk on grog and a pineapple in hand there he was. The pirate GullibleGambit was looking for… BurgerWarrior24. He shared with him the adventure that laid before them and without hesitation BurgerWarrior24 finished his grog and looked GullibleGambit square in the eyes and said, “For Beardageddon!”.

And that my pirate friends is where this story begins.

These two pirates set sail and went after the galleon. They searched the seas until finally they were able to see the galleon in the distance and after a long fight sank the them and GullibleGambit and BurgerWarrior24 recovered the key.

Upon sending word to Beardageddon that they raided the key in his name and have it for him when he returns. He responded with news that he won’t be able to meet up with them until a later. So GullibleGambit and BurgerWarrior24 committed to defending the key amassed a great alliance of Pirate Legends to take on the responsibility of becoming a “Guardian of the Key.”

BurgerWarrior24 had to say farewell to GullibleGambit due to running out of grog and headed back to his favorite taverns. Feeling the weight of responsibility GullibleGambit recruited Ladgaman until another mate of his was able to join him. 

Eventually the infamous pirate Molly was able to meet up on the seas and Ladgaman handed his spot over to her. Intending to leave the ship well supplied and ready for any fight GullibleGambit and Molly collected resources knowing that future Guardians of the Key would need. It was then that both GullibleGambit and Molly needed to attend to a matter that required their attention and decided to hand the responsibility of protecting the key over to non other than TouchOfOblivion and trusty mate Tothmonra.

It was then that these two guardians received word that their help was needed in the Shores of Gold. Along the way these two pirates could not help but do some fishing. They arrived to Shores of Gold and quickly handled business there. Speaking which have you been to the Shores of Gold lately?

The next guardian to protect the key was none other than the Pirate King of Mixer himself Mudcat. Which he defended the key by himself. While he was plundering and looting adding to the stores of the ship. Mudcat saw a Reaper’s Bounty in the distance and knew it would be a great addition to add to the ship.

That is when the great treasure hoarding began. Mudcat wanted to leave this ship with a beautiful amount of treasure. During these trials Karen decided to attempt to ruin the party but stood no chance against Mudcat. The guardianship was then passed over to Tothmonra. That is when word was sent that Beardageddon set sail land was attempting to meet up with them. 

Attempting to outwit ships attempting to hunt down the key Tothmonra hid on the other side of the shroud. Eventually Beardageddon was able to meet up and Mudcat gave the key back to Beardageddon. Together they defended the key and sank the sloop that was chasing them. 

In an attempt to throw the hunters off their trail both Beardageddon, Mudcat, and Tothmonra knew they needed to burn and sink the original sloop. It was a sad moment but knowing that hunters would be after them. They knew the only way to protect the key was to smuggle it aboard a new vessel. So they did what needed to be done.

Knowing this treasure was indeed bigger than any one pirate. The great Pirate Legend Beardageddon handed the ship over to a legend in their own right KaidaWrath who recruited help from non other than the help of the Big Rat, Mr Festis and then gathered more treasure to display all over the ship in beautiful decoration.

In the treasure hunt found two precious Foul Bounty skulls now named Pebbles and Clebbles. At the end of her journey KaidaWrath passed the duty of Guardianship to Krotukk.

Krotukk and his crewmate Tokinsz answered the call. Finding many pirates who wanted to thwart the goal of safeguarding the Fotd key. Krotukk took supplies from an unsuspecting ship using much of the stacked loot as payment.  

GullibleGambit and Comrade Molly continue the journey of protecting the key. Near the beginning of their time a sloop that had already focussed on trying to get them, managed to board and take the key.

This sneaky crew then took the key into the Red Sea. Hoping that putting it into the instant teleport zone would deter this pair. Comrade Molly diligently kept on top of repairs as GullibleGambit; clever man he is used the Reapers Bounty chest (the same one Mudcat added) as an extra tag to help pinpoint the location of the key and harpoon it back on board.

Shortly after exiting the red, the chase resumed with our intrepid adventurers  expending over 100 firebombs on the enemy sloop in back-to-back bombing runs, forcing a scuttle after their supplies were exhausted and Gambit managed to get aboard. After being attacked by Karen and boarded by the sloop one last time, the keybearer ship nearly sank; however, thanks to some quick heroics and yet more of Kaida’s firebombs, Gambit and Molly managed to safely pass off the ship to Mudcat and Pottersauce (With the addition of the Banana God’s personal banana storage crate)

Mudcat: The Pirate King of Mixer and Pottersauce: The Greatest Canadian Pirate take up the role of Guardians. During their time as Guardians, PotterSauce and Mudcat encountered a pair of helpful pirates (Walshayy and Iv_Nightmxre) who were also on a sloop on the seas.

After swift recruitment by Mudcat, The helpful duo took up their new titles as Protectors of the Guardians and resulted in an enemy galleon sinking at the Fort of the Damned due to a double keg explosion epic boarding wombo-combo; leading to a SECOND Fort of the Damn key to be retrieved.

An Athena was added to the ship as well as a stolen golden chicken named Clark Cluck Jr. Potter puked everywhere while hanging the storage crates with care. Wilbur lived and died.

Mudcat then assisted Awecoop in taking down 2 sloops before passing on the key. Awecoop and the pirate legend BBXH took over and decided to add an Athena to the ship in honor of this great adventure. 

The Cursed Captain Hitbotc and AL3X take over Guardianship of the key and decide to try and get 1 of every Skull aboard the ship. First on the list is a Gold Hoarder Skull.

Upon reaching the Shores of gold there was a player brig already there and AL3X did what any good pirate would. Hid on their ship and sent the pirates on their return graves the skull and got away for a drive by pick up by HitboTC.

Which then led to a chase by the Brig, a short chase as Merrowman suggested the Brig would lose the shroud breaker when they exit and followed back into the red sea and sunk. Gold Hoarder Skull added to the Legacy

HitboTC handed his spot over to Burgerwarrior24 who encountered a friendly pair,  babyrage_xo and phasedrage who offered protection assistance but were kind enough to gather an Ashen Athena for the ship.

After Al3x and burger finished their duty as defenders of the key they handed control of the ship over to the team of carrillogang and XshumbaX who were assisted  by the kind group of babyrage_xo and phasedrage  again. Shumba decided to eat the heads off all the fish he caught and leave them for the people. They fought off a pair of Kraken’s who were determined to send them to the ferryman but Karen would not be successful this day.


After a bit of calm that is where we find ourselves near the end of this great adventure. While doing a bit of fishing to calm their nerves. A group of pirates (not knowing what was on board) saw Shumba and Carrilogang and decided on a bit of piracy themselves. They surprised the guardians with a keg and caught them off guard.

There was no saving the ship after that and the legendary key that so many had protected was lost to the depths. However, like all good legends go there is hope that one day in the future the key will be found by worthy guardians.   


Written by the Guardians of the Key