The Cursed Captain

Once a lowly rum smuggler.  Captain Hitbotc was offered a deal by the Ferryman for a ship known as The Black Death.  In exchange, he would have to collect souls for the Ferryman.  He took him up on his offer, and in that moment, Hitbotc became the captain of The Black Death. However, one thing he did not know was with the ship came a curse – an unquenchable thirst for souls. To this day the cursed Captain Hitbotc sails the seas looking for treasure and pirate souls he can send to the Ferryman in hopes that one day he will be set free from this curse…



Found by Captain Hitbotc hanging on by a thread after being betrayed by Captain Goldtooth. Captain Hitbotc, the Cursed Captain, offered Lowbo an opportunity to join his crew and help him on his adventures.  Over the years, Lowbo’s trust in the Captain grew into an unwavering allegiance to the pirate who saved his life. Recognizing this, Captain Hitbotc asked him to be his first mate. Lowbo accepted under one condition – if they ever came across Goldtooth, Lowbo would be the one to send him to the Ferryman.



Thrown overboard in hopes of saving their daughter from a life of slavery aboard a pirate ship, Sharpijc’s story is that of tragedy.  Learning how to survive on her own at a young age, she swore that one day she would take revenge on Captain Clever who took her family away from her. When she finally met up with the captain in a fearsome battle, she was able to get her revenge, but something unexpected happened…